A long story cut relatively short

Our location (and our video production…)

„VISUAL THINKING“ – picture this!

Deutsches Bergbaumuseum, 9-HD „puzzle picture“ video-installation

In 1992 SuperVision Werbefilmproduktion GmbH was founded in Dortmund in a way by purchasing Europe’s only (commercially used) professional S3D-Camera, the Ikegami LK33.

Today SuperVision is under the management of Martin Frische – he himself in the business since 1989.

3D maybe the hype and a catchy label. But actually 90 percent of our reel is 2D „conventional“ film production, but believe us: it’s never flat. Instead we strive to create screenbusting experiences in multi-HD and omni-audio installations.

DASA Dortmund, 4-HD „altarpiece“ depicting stress symptoms and triggers (+ 16-channel audio)

Still based in Dortmund, in the heart of the Ruhr area (former home of „coal and steel“ – today a rolemodel for renovating and re-inventing itself), SuperVision sticks to their roots while absorbing the talent and creativity  the Dortmund area has developed over the past decades.

Our reach however is global since our customers have always reached out there. So working on all continents is just as natural to us as empathising with and taking cultural distinctions and challenges into consideration.